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A commendation that is truly deserved, Piyush Pandey, Chief Advisor, Ogilvy India, has been chosen as this year’s ADFEST Lotus Legend. 

The Lotus Legend Hall of Fame honours those long-serving upholders of creative excellence in the industry. Pandey has been upholding creative excellence in the industry since 1982. He has spent a 42-year career at Ogilvy and there is no doubt that Ogilvy India’s being recognised as one of the most creative agencies in its network is due to his remarkable creative leadership.

“You don’t wear your country on your sleeve, you wear your country in your heart,” he says.
Piyush has been with Ogilvy since 1982. Prior to his current global creative role, he was Executive Chairman of Global Creative, Ogilvy Worldwide and Executive Chairman, Ogilvy India until December 31, 2023. He also served as Global Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy for two and a half years. 

Piyush is credited with putting Indian advertising on the world map.  He was the first Asian to chair the Cannes jury in 2004.  He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Advertising Agencies Association of India in 2010.  The Lifetime Achievement Award by Clio followed in 2012.  He was honoured with the Indian National Civilian Award (Padma Shri) in 2016 by the President of India and again this made him the first in the Advertising industry to receive this recognition. Piyush, along with his brother, was awarded the Lion of St Mark at the International Festival of Creativity at Cannes in 2018, the first Indian to win this award.  He has been a mentor at The Berlin School of Creative Leadership for several years. Economic Times, India’s foremost business paper, has named Piyush the most influential person in Indian advertising for 14 consecutive years, another first and undisputed title.
Piyush believes people in advertising can use their creativity to drive social change.  He has created several impactful social campaigns - including his many years of work with UNICEF and the Government of India to make India polio-free.  India was declared a polio-free country in 2014. 
Piyush also believes strongly, that learnings of a lifetime should be shared with the next generation, as a consideration and not as a prescription.  His two books, Pandeymonium and Open House, are reflective of that belief and have received an overwhelming response. 

“To the young people out there, believe in yourself, believe in your country and believe that the world will salute you one day,” he encourages
An avid sportsperson, Piyush has been a State-level cricketer and believes that like cricket, advertising is a team game

24 March, 2024            
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