The same work can only be entered into ONE Products & Services sub-category (A01 – A08) or
Innovative Use of Audio & Radio (A09), but can be re-entered into Resilience Through Creativity (A10) and Lotus Roots (LRA).

Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Food, beverages, beauty products, cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceutical products, supplements, healthcare products,
sanitary products, toiletries.
Durable Consumer Goods
Clothing, sportswear & equipment, footwear, accessories, jewellery, watches, luggage, bags, sunglasses, consumer electronics, cleaning products, household maintenance products, household items, home & kitchen appliances, pet products, kitchenware,
home decorations, building products & materials, home security products.
Cars, Other Vehicles, Accessories & Auto Services
Sedans, trucks, vans, SUV, 4WD, jeeps, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, lorries, parts, accessories including in-car audio & visual systems, gas stations, vehicle maintenance products, towing companies, car dealers, car rental services.
Finance, Commercial Public Services, Business Products & Services
Banking institutions, investment firms, mortgages & loans, credit cards, insurance, real estate investment, business equipment & supplies, B2B services including agencies, telecommunications, waste management, educational institutions, law enforcement, utilities companies (electricity, water, gas), healthcare.
Retail, Travel, Leisure, Entertainment & Communication Media
Department stores, specialty stores, eCommerce, online stores, supermarkets & hypermarkets, restaurants, fast food chains, cafes, pubs, transportation & travel services, tourism authorities, hotel & resorts, toys, recreational facilities, sports facilities, festivals & events, museums, newspapers, magazines, books, broadcasting stations & programs, streaming & music services.
Corporate Image
Non-product or service-based company image including event sponsorships, seasonal messages or announcements to increase the brand perception and reputation.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Non-product or service-based corporate social responsibility campaigns on environmental, social, and ethical efforts to increase the brand perception and reputation.
Public Services & Cause Appeals
Anti-smoking, anti-drugs & other addictions, anti-drunk-driving, road & public safety awareness, health & hygiene awareness, political & religious messages, unions & associations, environmental awareness, human rights awareness, animal rights, government & forces recruitment, state education, racial, ethnic & disability awareness, gender equality, abuse, charities, volunteers & donation appeal.
Innovative Use of Audio & Radio
Innovative use of audio or radio medium in the brand communication.
Note: Radio spots are not eligible for submission into this sub-category.
Resilience Through Creativity New
A special Lotus Award sub-category to recognize ideas and creative solutions that demonstrate resilience and resolve in the face of the Covid-19 global pandemic. It is awarded to works that rise above the crisis to create public, economic, cultural and/or other ideas for the greater good. The solutions may or may not be connected directly to the brand.
Note: Radio Spot and Innovative use of Audio & Radio are eligible for submission into this sub-category.
Lotus Roots
This is an award unique to ADFEST that is awarded to works that embody local values whether in terms of culture, religion, beliefs, traditions, or language. Lotus Roots recognizes works that preserve and celebrate the rich heritage and value of each local culture.
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