1 Bronze, 1 Silver and 2 Golds were awarded in Audio Lotus, but no Grande Lotus. McCann Worldgroup Philippines, Manila won 1 Gold for Fully Booked ‘Fully Booked Lives – Ed’. BWM Dentsu, Sydney, won 1 Gold for The ALS Association, ‘Project Revoice’.

Audio and Film Jury President Prasoon Joshi, Chairman, Asia Pacific, CEO & Chief Creative Officer India, McCann Worldgroup, Mumbai, commented, “Project Revoice provides an innovation to help people who will lose their voice preserve their original voice. We also loved the Fully Booked campaign. It’s a beautiful idea that creates excitement around books and makes you inquisitive to read. Overall, we saw lots of innovation in Audio – creatives are redefining the category itself.”

Audio judge, Rebecca Carrasco, Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, stated, “The Gold winners in Audio both stood out for quite different reasons. One was a beautiful radio idea, where you’re unwittingly led down the garden-path into the life of a madman, for an online bookstore. And the other was a beautiful audio idea, where the manipulation of sound gave back a voice that was a symbol of hope to so many ASL sufferers, before it was finally silenced by ASL disease.”

9 Bronze, 4 Silver and 3 Gold awards were awarded, but no Grande Lotus. Gold awards were awarded to GREYnJ UNITED, Bangkok for K Plus ‘Friendshit’, TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno, Manila for Bahay Tuluyan Philippines (Shelter House) ‘Disgusting Stories’ and Leo Burnett Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur for Voice of the Children ‘Speak up’. 

“‘Friendshit’ stood out because the direction, casting and writing are fantastically done. ‘Disgusting Stories’ was a timeless idea, while ‘Speak Up’ is of the moment – it encourages people to do more than watch, share or like a video but to take action,” stated Jury President, Prasoon Joshi, Chairman, Asia Pacific CEO & Chief Creative Officer India, McCann Worldgroup, Mumbai.

In terms of emerging trends, Joshi noted, “If we were awarding pure craft only, we would have had a lot more winners. I would like to encourage younger generations to pay equal attention to idea and execution. Not many entries married both. There was a time when our industry felt Public Service Announcements for charity work should not win Grande awards. The time has come to reconsider this. A lot of brands are partnering more with charities. What we need to understand is that this work is brand related. We are living in a world where people do care about what their favorite brands are doing for humanity at large – they are not just consuming their products but also their brand philosophies.”

Film Lotus judge, Rebecca Carrasco, Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, added, “‘Disgusting Stories’ was a particularly powerful idea. Using the actual illustrations that sexually abused children have drawn to communicate what happened to them, to communicate how profoundly wrong this whole issue is, creates an incredibly confronting message, which stays with you. Actually, it just rips your heart out. Had we been able to award a Grande to a PSA in this category, I don’t think we would have stopped at Gold.”

11 Bronze, 3 Silver, 3 Gold plus 1 Grande Lotus awards were awarded. The Grande Lotus for Branded Entertainment was awarded to GREYnJ UNITED, Bangkok for K PLUS ‘Friendshit’, which also won 1 Gold.

“The jury was looking for work that was brilliant in its thinking and innovative in its execution. We wanted to shine a light on the bravest, most transformative creative ideas in the region,” explained Jury President, Mark Tutssel, Executive Chairman and Global Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett Worldwide, Chicago. 

“We found one supreme example in ‘Friendshit’. It connected the brand, Kasikorn Bank’s K PLUS app, to people in a unique and engaging way. A brilliant and highly entertaining idea that created human value and rewarded people for their time.” 

The two other Gold awards were awarded to Publicis Singapore for Vicks India ‘One in a Million’ and J. Walter Thompson, Bangkok for Sunsilk ‘Hair Talk’.

6 Bronze, 4 Silver and 2 Gold awards were given. There was no Grande awarded. The two Gold Lotuses in Interactive were awarded to Dentsu Inc., Tokyo for Gatsby Perfect Skin Lotion ‘The Kawaii Tweak Hazard Song AND BWM Dentsu, Sydney for The AIS Association ‘Project Revoice’.

Interactive and Mobile Jury President Natalie Lam, International Executive Creative Director, New York, noted, “What we liked about ‘The Kawaii Tweak Hazard Song’ is it has high entertainment value while also making us question our addiction to social media and why we spend so much time on it. It’s fun; it made us laugh. We also loved Project Revoice, which is not only an impressive piece of technology but it serves a bigger human purpose. We really could see how giving back someone’s voice is such a magical, moving thing.”
3 Bronze, 5 Silver and 1 Gold Lotus awards were handed out. There was no Grande awarded. Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyo won Gold for Panasonic Hearing Instruments ‘Bird Hearing Test’.

“This is a very charming piece of work. When people lose their hearing, they can no longer hear certain birdcalls. So Hakuhodo created an app encouraging people to test their hearing in the forest by listening for different birds. It’s essentially a hearing diagnostic tool, but it makes the experience fun, and uses a lot of data to turn a dry subject into a very charming experience,” commented Interactive and Mobile Jury President Natalie Lam, International Executive Creative Director, New York.

“Overall, I’m really amazed at the number of non-tech brands in Asia, particularly Japan and Korea, that are using AI and data in really interesting ways.”

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24 March, 2019            
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