I am no guru, and there are no experts. Technology is evolving so quickly that we are all in the process of defining it and developing the communications we build around it, as we go. What’s interesting about this is the limitations and the possibilities we have as creative people to define what that can be. Technology has changed advertising forever in its traditional state. Agencies should be able to help clients redefine how they are communicating to their targets. Tech is great, but the most important thing for advertisers is to think how you can deliver value for your consumer. Think about the message and how you want people to feel, or what you want them to do, then think of the best medium to deliver that. Creativity is lagging behind tech, but that’s often the way. We develop new tech and then work out what to do with it and that’s because marketers are following trends. But as creatives who are responsible to build up on the foundation of an idea, force-fitting pre-existing tech to a piece of work that wasn't designed for it, can be problematic. We need to build the ideas first and build it into tech. Tech is continuing to expand, connect and complicate advertising. There is no single answer for where we’re going; things will continue to get fuzzier because no one’s an expert- it’s happening too quickly and people are in the process to define it together. How it’s the creative’s responsibility to expand purpose to the role of higher technology out there. Why do we instill meaning into an ever-changing pace of tech. What to look out for and what to work on. Tech, is advertising’s new BFF.





Jax Jung is a Global Associate Creative Director at Cheil Worldwide working on Samsung Electronics. Jax is curious how technology meets with advertising and continues to develop new ideas that challenges the norm; it is evident in all the foundations of her work. Her recent two campaigns was to develop a mobile application to help autistic children to make eye contact for better communication (“Look at Me”), and 2 VR experiences (“BeFearless”), to help millennials with the fear of public speaking and fear of public heights to overcome their fears.

“Look at Me,” was a program designed for Samsung’s Launching People Campaign, that has won over 42 awards in the International award shows, including Cannes, RedDotAwards, OneShow, D&AD, Clio Awards, New York Festival, Spikes Asia, ADFEST, AdStars, Korea Advertising Festival and the London Award Show. She has picked up a Grand Prix at the RedDot Awards and Spikes Asia.

She continued to evolve the Samsung Launching People platform by developing the “BeFearless” campaign using GearVR. The “BeFearless” program ran in 14 major markets. “BeFearless” has also, collected awards at the international shows including D&AD, RedDotAwards, iF Design Award and more.

Prior to Cheil, she worked at Ogilvy New York and Publicis New York and has been successful in working for a number of Fortune 500 companies while she was there; clients include: Motorola, Kodak, Feeding America, Dove, Stolichnaya, Louis Vuitton, Puerto RicoTourism Board, Global Minute Maid, Dasani, IKEA, Citizen’s Bank, AVON, Gap and Citibank.

She was ranked as one of Korea’s Most Creative and most recently, sat as a jury for Spikes Asia 2017 in Singapore for the Direct and Promo categories.