In association with straight 8, the APA, and Cinelab London, straight 8 industry shootout @ ADFEST 2018, sees companies in the advertising industry compete at straight 8 for charity.
Entry is limited to 20 companies working in the industry in the Asia Pacific and MENA region only. Entering companies each make a film on one roll of super 8 mm cine film, with no second takes, no editing, no post-production. Sound must be original and is delivered “blind.” With straight 8 taking care of processing, there can be no cheating and the first time anyone sees their work is at the premiere.
All films will debut at ADFEST 2018 on Thursday 22nd March at 14.30-15.30 in Hall A2 and teams will vote to determine the winners. The winning companies will donate prize-money to the charities of their choosing.
Entry is first-come-first-served and pre-registration is essential to be eligible to enter.
This is a great chance to have some fun, make a film in one of the hardest ways possible, raise money for charity and battle creatively with the rest of the industry. What’s not to like?
straight 8 is the global one-super-8-cartridge-no-editing film competition founded in 1999 in London. straight 8 has been challenging anyone anywhere to make a film in this way and screens the best results at The Cannes Film Festival and many other great festivals around the world. The straight 8 industry shootout format has been held twice at Cannes during the advertising festival and at Ciclope Festival of Craft in Berlin, before coming to ADFEST for the first time for 2018.
For more information, visit or contact straight 8 Founder, Ed Sayers at
1. You can only enter as a company working in the advertising industry based in APAC/MENA regions. Only 20 companies are allowed.      First-come-first-served. Entry opens at 8am (GMT) Wednesday 13th December 2017. You could be an agency, production company,      service company, edit house, post-production, music or sound company - so long as it's about ads.
     Registration in advance is essential.
2. You must film only on the super 8 cartridge that straight 8 will send you. It offers you up to 2'30" film length (projecting at 24fps) - not a      frame more, without sync sound.
3. No editing or post-production. Everything is done in-camera. So filming in single takes, in story order. And straight 8 processes your      film so no cheating! Film delivery deadline: Monday 19th February 2018 - London - physical delivery - by 5pm at cinelab London      (slough!)
4. Your digital soundtrack must be 100% original - no silent films, we've all moved on - and sent to straight 8 on a link by 23:59 (GMT)      Monday 26th February 26th 2018.
5. You source your own camera, cast, crew - and idea. There's no brief or theme - unusual maybe for this industry but not for the film      industry.
6. The first time teams will see their own films is at the premiere at ADFEST on Thursday 22nd March. All films will be shown. The good,      the bad and the ugly.
7. Entry is £700 per entering company. Prizes will go to winning companies' charity of choice. Winners chosen by audience vote- only      entering companies vote - no voting for your own film.
8. Festival passes will be required to attend. For more information on ADFEST passes, click here.
9. (!) ...more detailed rules will be given after successful entry.