Mobile Campaign A campaign led on mobile that was central to a bigger integrated. Please clearly demonstrate how mobile was a key component in the campaign.
Mobile Website Websites designed for mobile devices, including social networking sites, brand sites, online commerce, news, sites etc.
This includes standalone mobile websites purely accessible on a mobile device as well as other website content that is created
for a mobile device, including Responsive design.
User Experience for Mobile Any best user experience design for mobile enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease to use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product.
Display Ad & Rich Media Display media/banners and any other rich media form of advertising. All entries must show the ad as it was originally displayed on the mobile device.
Mobile Game Brand related games designed for and played on a mobile phone, smartphones, tablets or any other mobile device, whether pre-installed, downloaded or hosted on a mobile website.
Mobile Utility Any utilities designed for mobile devices that engage the customer with the product.
Mobile Application & other Downloadable Tools Any application that can be installed on a mobile device, or downloaded by customers from app stores, or other mobile software distribution platforms. Please supply a presentation video on the submitted link to show the application in use and overall results.
MOBILE VIDEO Any mobile platforms i.e. website, or tablet experience making the most innovative, creative, useful and functional use of video or video on demand services.
Video, Viral VDO & Interactive VDO Any Video, Viral VDO & Interactive VDO, where mobile played an important role.
BEST USE OF TECHNOLOGY Displays an innovative utilizes any kinds of technology.
Note: Can select only one sub-category in the Best Use of Technology.
Use of Technology for Mobile Campaign that the best innovative use of the technology for mobile devices to enhance the experience, strike a chord and drive objective i.e. GPS, iBeacon (also known as BLE), Geofencing, QR codes, barcodes, Networking, and Wearable Technology etc.
Use of Data for Mobile Campaign that demonstrate an innovative use of data for mobile devices.
Use of Social for Mobile Campaign that the best innovative use of any social media format including the application or tool on the mobile devices.
Lotus Roots This is an award unique to ADFEST that is awarded to works that embody local values whether in terms of culture, religion, beliefs, traditions, or language. Lotus Roots recognizes works that preserve and celebrate the rich heritage and value of each local culture.