WEB PLATFORM A single website or microsite. If the work consisted more than 1 digital platform, please submit to the Digital Integrated Campaign categories.
Website: Best Consumer Website A single website created for product or services purposes - including main site, microsites and short-term microsites.
Website: Self-Promotion & Corporate Website A single website created by an organization or agency in order to promote its self, product or services. Non-product-based company image, competition or event sponsorship, Christmas messages, company mergers, flotation & relocation and TV Programme sponsorship.
DIGITAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN Digital campaign that utilizes multiple platform at least 2 but may have offline elements or connected components to convey a message or sell a service or product and the digital must be the important role.
Digital Integrated Campaign: Fast Moving Consumer Goods Food, beverages, beauty products, cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceutical products, supplements, healthcare products, sanitary products, toiletries.
Digital Integrated Campaign: Durable Consumer Goods Clothing, sportswear & equipment, footwear, accessories, jewellery, watches, luggage, bags, sunglasses, consumer electronics, cleaning products, household maintenance products, household items, home & kitchen appliances, pet products, kitchenware, home decorations, building products & materials, home security products.
Digital Integrated Campaign: Cars, Other Vehicles, Accessories & Auto Services Sedans, trucks, vans, SUV, 4WD, jeeps, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, lorries, parts, accessories including in-car audio & visual systems, gas stations, vehicle maintenance products, towing companies, car dealers, car rental services.
Digital Integrated Campaign: Finance, Commercial Public Services, Business Products & Services Banking institutions, investment firms, mortgages & loans, credit cards, insurance, real estate investment, business equipment & supplies, B2B services including agencies, telecommunications, waste management, educational institutions,
law enforcement, utilities companies (electricity, water, gas), healthcare.
Digital Integrated Campaign: Retail, Travel, Entertainment & Communication Media Department stores, specialty stores, online stores, supermarkets & hypermarkets, restaurants, fast food chains, cafes, pubs, transportation & travel services, tourism authorities, hotel & resorts, recreational facilities, sports facilities, festivals & events, museums, newspapers, magazines, books, broadcasting stations & programs, streaming & music services.
Digital Integrated Campaign: Corporate Image Non-product or service-based company image including event sponsorships, seasonal messages or announcements to increase the brand perception and reputation.
Digital Integrated Campaign: Corporate Social Responsibility *New Non-product or service-based corporate social responsibility campaigns on environmental, social, and ethical efforts to increase the brand perception and reputation.
User Experience on Website Any best user experience designed on website enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease to use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product.
Web Banner, Display Ad, Rich Media Any design relating on the web banner including a traditional banner mediums including HTML, GIF, Flash or Video as well as display ad. and rich media include landing pages, page-takeovers, expandable ads, interstitials and any other form of rich media including HTML 5 and video.
Game Any design on digital game. If the game is within a website, please create a link that leads directly to the game.
Utility Any utilities design that engage the customer with the product.
Application Digital Application specifically design to the user engaging with a brand, it is available for the desktop application, installable application, but not for a social application nor for mobile application.
ONLINE VIDEO AD Online Video Ad must be original films created for the Internet, and excludes films that were originally created for TV or cinema transmission and which have subsequently been posted on the Internet.
Note: Can select only one sub-category in the Online Video Ad.
VDO, Series & Webisode A series of online video.
Viral VDO Online video created primarily to be shared or distributed online.
Interactive VDO Interactive Video that allows users to control, customize or alter the course of their experience.
BEST USE OF TECHNOLOGY Displays an innovative utilizes any kinds of technology.
Note: Can select only one sub-category in the Best Use of Technology.
Use of Digital Technology Campaign that the best innovative use of the digital technology to enhance the experience, strike a chord and drive objective i.e.
QR codes, Augmented Reality, Oculus, Virtual Reality, Wearable Tech, etc.
Best Use of a Prototype Technology Best utilization a prototype technology ultimately for public launch. The work must have been a commercial project commissioned by a client. For example, beta version of software or application.
Use of Data Campaign that demonstrate an innovative use of data.
Use of Social Campaign that the best innovative use of any social media format.
Social App & Tools Campaign that the best innovative use of the application or tool for the social platform.
Lotus Roots This is an award unique to ADFEST that is awarded to works that embody local values whether in terms of culture, religion, beliefs, traditions, or language. Lotus Roots recognizes works that preserve and celebrate the rich heritage and value of each local culture.