Dear Colleagues,

You may be aware that 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of ADFEST. As we look back, we have to ask ourselves what it is that ADFEST has achieved during those years.

Advertising was not invented in Asia, and we Asian creatives started life by often imitating and borrowing from the West. The most prominent products and advertisements in those days tended to be daily consumer products with hard-sell advertising strategies. Creativity and film production quality were not considered serious components of our craft.

So, raising awareness of creativity and production values were among the first objectives of ADFEST.

Another objective of ADFEST was to make local creatives more conscious of all that is unique to the Asian region, with its great profusion of culture and history. We set out to encourage greater use of one’s own culture and legacy as part of the communication process. While a good idea will always remain a universally good idea, ideas created in the context of a particular cultural environment can be even more powerful.

It was also our objective to make ADFEST a forum of knowledge and learning, both in the arts of creation as well as in the craft of production. It should be a meeting place for friends old and new, and last but not least, a place and time to relax, refresh and reflect.

It is a mistake to view ADFEST as purely an awards event. On the contrary, we consider our Lotus Awards as no more than the cherry on top of the ice cream.

These were our objectives then, we hope we are as true to them today.

Welcome, and we hope your time at ADFEST 2017 is rewarding and fruitful.

All the best,
Vinit Suraphongchai,
Chairman of ADFEST.