Friends and Colleagues of ADFEST.

Once again, the Committees of ADFEST welcome everyone to what has grown to become one of the world’s renown creative festivals. This year, is a very special year for ADFEST as it marks its journey into 20th Anniversary. A long and fruitful journey that is testament to the world on how creative excellence can be created, elevated, and celebrated while local heritage is preserved and valued.

We meet once a year in Pattaya to show, to learn, to share, to meet and to enjoy the company of our friends in the industry, not only within the region, but from all over the world. Creativity has no boundaries, there is no wall and border to limit in our thinking, in our discoveries of new effective communication ideas that consumer crave. We are here of course to witness and reward creative excellence throughout the region, but you will also enjoy the vibrant, colorful, fun-filled Pattaya and the warm hospitality we pride ourselves on. Welcome to ADFEST 2017, and enjoy!

Prasan Osatananda
Chairman of Steering Committee