Dear Friends,

Welcome to ADFEST’s 20th Anniversary celebrations.

It’s incredible to think our first humble festival took place 20 years ago on the hills of Chiang Mai. Since then, ADFEST has grown into one of the best-loved industry events in Asia.

We have achieved so much together as a region since then. We’ve grown. We’ve adapted. ADFEST has also grown and adapted, establishing itself as a festival that celebrates the richness of cultures that are ‘Made in Asia’.

Our 20th Anniversary is an opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us along our journey, and I hope you will be able to join us in Pattaya, Thailand at ADFEST 2017.

ADFEST 2017 will once again consist of two separate programs: Craft@ADFEST (22nd - 23rd March) and Creative@ADFEST (24th – 25th March), culminating in the 2017 Lotus Awards.

I would like to thank Dentsu Inc. in Tokyo for its striking brand identity, designed especially to commemorate our 20th Anniversary and bring this year’s theme to life, ‘20 Years of Diversity’.

As Yoshihiro Yagi, Group Creative Director at Dentsu Inc. in Tokyo, explains: “In 1998, a seedling named ADFEST was planted in one of the most diverse continents in the world. Its purpose was to nurture and celebrate creative talent across Asia. Since then, the seedling has evolved and grown – but ADFEST’s growth would not be possible without the support of its roots, which run deep and wide and form the inspiration for our design.”

As Yoshi says, ADFEST’s success is deeply rooted in its origins in Asia, and in the creative professionals who live here – our friends and colleagues, who are the heart and soul of the festival.

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I look forward to celebrating this special milestone with you,

Jimmy Lam

President of ADFEST